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Sandy Ridge Reserving




Please read this entire page if you would like to reserve a puppy.


We plan to open our reserve list on Friday 06/15 for F1B and multigen miniature goldendoodles that will be ready to go home starting July 20.


Our F1b and multigen miniature goldendoodles in these litters will range from 20-35 lbs as adults. We generally get the size range within each litter and occasionally have puppies that go outside the range. We get a range in amount of curl within each litter. Generally goldendoodle puppies develop more curl as their adult coat comes in. Shedding typically varies from mild to low shedding with F1 miniature goldendoodles and low to non-shedding with F1b and multigen miniature goldendoodles. We cannot tell when puppies are young how big or curly a puppy will be as an adult and will have a better estimate for each puppy on estimated adult size and amount of curl when we start the selection process around 5-6 weeks old.


Since we have many interested families and in fairness to everyone that has already wanted to reserve a spot, the reservation process for these puppies will be by the following outline. Deviations from this order will delay our response and likely move you lower on the reservation list. We may have more families wanting to reserve spots than the number of puppies we have, so following this process as outlined below will give the best chance for a spot.


Please note: we do not offer shipping. We charge an additional $50 for families that will be flying here to pick up a puppy for the required paperwork.


Below is the reservation list we plan to open on 06/15

  • medium/dark golden multigen miniature goldendoodles ready starting 7/20

  • Medium/dark golden F1b miniature goldendoodles ready starting 7/27

  • Dark golden/red multigen miniature goldendoodles ready starting 7/27

Note: puppies normally change slightly in color from what they are as newborns and can darken or lighten within the first month of birth. Goldendoodles in the golden and red shades generally fade lighter after about 4 weeks old.


Reservation Process


1. You Email us before Friday 06/15 with your preferences for:

a. Type - We will be reserving spots in the following:

   - Medium/dark golden multigen miniature goldendoodles

   -Medium dark golden F1b miniature goldendoodles

   -Dark golden/red multigen miniature goldendoodles

b. Gender


2. We will respond by Email to you with our page where we have pictures posted.


3. You Call at or after 8 AM CST on 06/15 to finalize the reserve process. We will cover all the remaining process over the phone for reserving a spot including sending the deposit.


    Deposits are sent by check after we talk the day the list is opened. 


Since we normally get many calls when opening a reserve list, please leave a voicemail message with best contact phone numbers, and calls will be returned in the order voicemail messages are received at or after 8 AM. Sending these phone numbers by email before will help us in case we can't make out your number in the voicemail message. We will work down the list that morning in this order. If you do not answer when we return your call we will continue to move down the list of voicemail messages. We do not consider a spot reserved until this phone conversation takes place and will give priority to voicemail messages received at or after 8 AM on 06/15. Please do not continue to call back if you have already left a voicemail message. If our voicemail box fills up, you may need to keep trying back as voicemails are removed. It may take us up to a couple hours to work through the calls to return that morning. We cannot guarantee every family will get their preferred spot.


Note: we have received more voicemail messages at 8:00 and 8:01 in previous list openings than the number of puppies we had available. If you leave a voicemail message to reserve a spot within the first 10 minutes of our list opening, but our list has filled by then, we will place you on a waiting/email list for our next puppies of similar type and gender. Those families that are placed on this waiting list will be contacted after our next similar puppies are born and given the option to reserve a spot before the list is opened again.  This waiting list is not transferable to our other types of miniature goldendoodles.


After Reserving


Here is the outline of how we proceed after spots are reserved:


1.  Gender group pictures are posted every 1-2 weeks to the mother's page up to the selection process.

2.  Puppies are identified and individual pictures are taken around 5-6 weeks old. Puppies are compared for physical and disposition trait differences at this time.

3.  The selection process starts around 5-6 weeks old and proceeds in the order spots are reserved. Selections can be done in person by appointment or by individual pictures.

4.  The payment balance is due by 6 weeks old.

5.  F1b and multigen puppies are ready to go at 8-9 weeks old. This date is posted on each mother's page. We are flexible on pickup appointments and can hold a puppy for a couple additional weeks if that works better for your schedule.


We are available for appointments most weekdays during the day and Saturday mornings. We are not available for any appointments on Sundays and will not be available on holidays.