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Featured F1b Puppy - please contact us for details




I am planning for F1 miniature goldendoodle puppies in the summer of 2018. Please contact us for details. 


I am expecting multigen & F1b miniature goldendoodle puppies in mid April that will be available in mid/late June.  Please contact us for details.


We will update this announcement section of our webpage as we know more accurate timing of litters and puppy availability dates.


Another breeder:

Mini Golden Puppies also raises mini goldendoodles and mini irish goldendoodles. Feel free to visit for more information and planned availability.




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Sandy Ridge Miniature Goldendoodles

Sandy Ridge Goldendoodles is located in Southeast Iowa, in the beautiful Mississippi River Valley. Our goldendoodle puppies are raised to be the best pet for their new owners and come well socialized. These goldendoodles get lots of attention from a large family and are raised in a relaxed rural setting.

Health Guarantee

Our goldendoodle puppies for sale are intended to be in perfect health to the best of our knowledge. They come with a 7 day health guarantee and a 2 year genetic guarantee. Each puppy receives a physical examination by our licensed veterinarian for illnesses and genetic defects, and we require the new owners to visit their vet within 2 business days of acquisition.

We never want any of our goldendoodles to have to go through any physical pain, especially that which is caused by careless breeding of unhealthy dogs or the mistreatment of the puppy. Health of a puppy is our first concern, followed by the temperament which is explained below in the Training section.

Our Goldendoodle Puppies

We raise Goldendoodles. Our doodles are first generation, a cross between a Labrador or Golden Retriever and a Standard or Miniature Poodle. The first generation goldendoodles have a hybrid vigor common to first generation crosses. Hybrid, or F1, goldendoodle are less susceptible to common illnesses that are common to purebreds and are generally more allergy friendly than the retrievers. Most shed little and all are very intelligent. The type of coat on each of our goldendoodle puppies ranges from slightly wavy to extremely curly.


Update: we are no longer raising miniature labradoodle puppies due to inconsistent coat qualities. We have been more successful in achieving lower shedding and softer coats with the miniature goldendoodle breed.

Miniature Doodles

We started out breeding the standard Labradoodle and Goldendoodle breeds, but we now specialize in Miniature Goldendoodles. These are also a first generation, first generation backcross, or multigen hybrid crosses, but between the golden retriever and a miniature poodle breeds. Miniature, also known as mini, goldendoodles have become increasingly popular because they retain the same retriever doodles temperaments and coat qualities only in a little smaller package. These mini goldendoodles make ideal pets for families looking for a mid-sized dog. We have experienced a little more size variation with the miniature doodles, but most should stay in the 30-50 pound range (F1 miniature goldendoodle, 15-35 pound range (F1b miniature goldendoodle), or 10-25 pound range (multigen miniature goldendoodle).

We have had a number of miniature goldendoodle litters without the health problems that many breeders like to warn pet seekers of. As far as we know, there has been no proven health or genetic issues differing from standard breeding except that of irresponsible breeding of unhealthy Golden retriever adults with unhealthy miniature poodles.


One of the greatest qualities of goldendoodles is their ability to be easily trained. This results from their natural affection and desire to please. Despite this, training is one of the most important aspects of a goldendoodle puppy's life.

Temperament: When a puppy is first born, it requires most of its attention from its mother. By the time a goldendoodle reaches 4 weeks old, they become quite playful. It is at this age that we begin playing with and socializing each one individually. Socialization is the most important training a goldendoodle can have between 8 and 12 weeks old. This is where goldendoodles develop their temperaments that will stay with it for the rest of their dog life.

Obedience: Starting from 8-12 weeks old, goldendoodles should begin obedience training, whether with a professional, or at home. It is here a goldendoodle will learn which types of behavior are accepted and which are not. It is essential that goldendoodles learn who is the boss, yet the owner must treat a puppy with respect and care to achieve the best results for temperament and obedience. Potty training is also a type of obedience training. You must create a schedule or perform a certain activity to get the puppy accustomed to its potty routine. Other simple obedience training areas that must be addressed include: nipping, jumping, digging, chewing, and yard boundaries.


Please search through our puppies available and email at or call us at 319-759-6129. We accept a deposit of $500 as a nonrefundable down payment to hold a spot on a litter when a list is opened. The balance the payment is due when puppies are 6 weeks old. You may pick out your puppy when they are 6 weeks old and may take your puppy home when it is 8-10 weeks old, depending on the size. New owners are handled on a first come, first serve basis. Those who place a down payment first on a new litter will receive pick of the litter. We are no longer offering shipping, so puppies will need to be picked up here in Burlington, Iowa. Our closest airport is Moline, IL (MLI) which is about 1.5 hours from us.

Thank you for visiting Sandy Ridge Puppies. Please enjoy your stay. You may visit the goldendoodle puppy page for more information on availability. Mini goldendoodles tend to be sold quickly when available, so please contact us if you are seriously interested in a one of our miniature goldendoodle puppies.








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